How to find where actornode is contained

or anything else idk

The API (as accessed from the manual) should inform you, I believe! Just do a search there for “ActorNode” and you should find it! :slight_smile:

When you do find it, I think that the relevant package should be the path given at the top of the page.

search where?

“There” being the manual.

That is:

  • On either the Panda homepage or here on the Panda forums (and maybe from other pages, too), you should see at the top of the page a menu-bar.
  • On the right-hand side of that menu-bar, you should see a number of options, one of which should be “Manual”. Click on “Manual”.
  • In the manual (which should have thus opened) look at the purple section at the top-left. You should see there a text-entry bar containing the words “Search docs”.
  • Enter your query–in this case “ActorNode”–into that text-entry bar and press enter!

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