how to export .blend ( blender file) to egg ?

Hi everyone,

I have a blender room model . I want to export it to egg to use it with Panda. I have downloaded chicken export. But don’t have any idea how can I use it . Can anyone please guide me how to use this tool.

Thanks alot

the download contains a manual in form of a html file. it also contains a textfile with instructions on how to install chicken correctly.
in case you missed those two files, have a look at them. if any specific questions arise feel free to ask.

Thank you for quick reply. In manual it says to copy all files to the following directory :

C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts

I have checked , I have installed Blender to c:\program files\blender foundation\blender directory.

But there is not any .blender\scripts directory .

Do I have to create them ?

No, they should already be there. Copy all files to wherever blender was installed. Search your computer for “blender.exe”, and that .blender\scripts directory should be nearby.

Actually, if they are not there that means those directories are probably in your home directory - the install guide lists a number of locations that Blender can choose to stick all the scripts - go check 'em all until you find one that is already full of scripts. As a general rule of thumb if your copying Chicken into an empty directory structure you’ve got the location wrong.

I followed the instructions and put the files where it said but the option wont show up on the export menu

I recently discovered that there is no need to use the chicken exporter anymore!

You can even use Blender 2.5!

Do the following:

  1. Get blender 2.5 from
  2. Open your model/do whatever you need
  3. If you’re creating an animation make sure to insert a keyframe for EVERY frame (this will be important later).
  4. In blender go to the preferences and the add-on manager.
  5. In the search box type in ‘x’ without the single quotes there. This will bring up a couple of results, check the box to the right of the direct X file exporter.
  6. Export your file choosing the appropriate options to the x format.
  7. Load up your model/actor directly into panda (no need to convert to egg)

The X format does NOT support keyframes, it will play each key frame right after another, so you will lose all tweening which is why you need to go into pose mode, select all the bones and insert a keyframe at every frame. Also, I don’t think the x format supports tagging, so I would highly recommend that if you have a bunch of different animations you save them as their own blend file and export each animation on it’s own, example:


I’ve been using this work flow and it has been amazing!

Nice!!! Thanks for sharing!

Know whether it exports the TAGS and attributes, for collisions?
how to:

Keep descend} {Polyset

Just want you to know, this has been bookmarked and put in my folder of really helpful panda3d links. Thanks.