How to enable different loggings?

So i have created a logging system

from direct.directnotify.DirectNotify import DirectNotify
notify = DirectNotify().newCategory("ProgramStart")
spam = DirectNotify().newCategory("SpamLog")
class LogChannels():

    def __init__(self,):

        notify.debug("Logging Start")

and now my problem is that i can’t print any info or debug log messages (debug messages that would only be the ones that i get from these LogChannels() global categories i did play with the Config.prc and added notify-level warning notify-level-LogChannels spam notify-level-LogChannels debug notify-level-LogChannels info notify-level-LogChannels error notify-level-LogChannels warning default-directnotify-level warning but these doesn’t seem to work. so how do i enable these for my own log category? setDebug() and setInfo() ?