How to create or edit .egg.pz files ?!?

I wants to create a models, but I don’t know how…

This question appears every couple of days.
If you want to create models, learn Blender (free), 3DS Max or Maya or any 3D modeling software.

Thank you, very much :slight_smile:
I’m goin to learn Blender.

Learning Blender can be difficult (the first couple of hours). But when you get used to it, you love it :slight_smile:
PS: To Panda developers: maybe, if sample eggs (like Ralph) would be punziped by default and come as usual .egg and not as .egg.pz, this could clarify some confusion? There are lots and lots of questions about .pz…

So, is there a difference when running a compressed(.pz) egg or an uncompressed egg? ie Do I have to compress the egg files I make myself in order for them to work?

There is no difference, except that the egg.pz files are smaller. This is the sole reason why the Panda samples ship with egg.pz files instead of plain egg files.

When developing your own content, there is no reason to compress your own egg files.


See the .pz ending as a kind of .zip .
And I’m sure you all know what zip files are.

So the .pz format is punzip, is there any way to unzip this on a mac?

So far as I can tell it’s a fairly obscure, windows only, tool. All of the samples are .pz files and I’d love to pull some of them apart.


the working faq link is:

Nah, punzip exists on the Mac, too. It can be found in /Developer/Tools/Panda3D/.

Oh cool, there it is.

do I run it like this:
/Developer/Tools/Panda3D/punzip ball.egg.pz

Because even if I try and runa help on it, I get:


Could you download the latest snapshot SDK build:
And let me know if the problem still exists?

Okay, downloaded and installed Panda3D-2010.09.22-270

Works perfectly now. I wonder if a few of my other issues will be resolved too. I had problems using the maya2egg2009 program before. I’ll test this out, and post in my other thread if I have more success.

Thanks a lot rdb!

Thanks for telling him about the snapshot build for the mac as I too was having problems with the punzip and I was getting those same errors.

Downloading and installing did fix it so Kudo points to you :smiley: