How to create mouse watcher for new windows

i’ve created a new window with base.openWindow() and I’ve made a button and it seems like it does not highlight when hovered. I think i need to make a mouse watcher for the window. can anyone help me?

  def PlayProject(self):  
      wp = WindowProperties()
      wp.setSize(960, 540)
      wp.title = self.CurrentProjectEditor.ProjectName
      # wp.setUndecorated(True) #Borderless
      myMouseWatcher = MouseWatcher()
      win2 = base.openWindow(props=wp, aspectRatio=16/9,name = "hi",keepCamera = True)
      md = win2.makeDisplayRegion(0, 1, 0, 1)

      # myMouseWatcher.reparentTo(win2)
      render2d = NodePath("render2d")
      camera2d = base.makeCamera2d(win2)

also 3d world is the same as the main window. how can I fix it

If I’m not mistaken, this is partly explained in the manual, but there are problems with the mouse processing for the GUI interface, I couldn’t configure it.

At the moment I am not experimenting with this, perhaps something has been improved in this regard.