How to create a notitle window?

Panda’s window has a title on top of the window,how to create a no title window?

Specify empty string as window title.

props = WindowProperties()

Or you mean how to remove the blue title bar at all?

I didn’t mean that set the window’s title to “”. Just no title on the window.

In other words, the window has just a frame but no title on it.(We always drag a window by click on the title and drag it ,so no title means we cann’t drag it. )

You can create an “undecorated” window, which doesn’t have a frame or a title bar. Easiest way is in the Config.prc file:

undecorated 1

Panda doesn’t provide a way to create a window which has a frame but lacks a title bar.


Thank you david. It is successful.

How to make some scene transparent? It means that I can see a object through another object which is front of the back one. Bcz the front one is (semi)transparent

Not entirely sure what you’re asking for. Transparency is a huge subject. You can make an object transparent with:

node.setAlphaScale(0.5) # or whatever level you like

The manual talks about transparency in more detail. There are also posts on the forums on this subject.