How to create a custom vertex attribute

I am trying to add a new column ‘extra’ to the vertex, color, texcoord GeomVertexArray in order to add new information about the vertex…

array = GeomVertexArrayFormat()
array.addColumn("vertex", 3, Geom.NTFloat32, Geom.CPoint)
array.addColumn("color", 4, Geom.NTFloat32, Geom.CPoint)
array.addColumn("texcoord", 2, Geom.NTFloat32, Geom.CPoint)
array.addColumn("extra", 4, Geom.NTFloat32, Geom.CPoint)
format = GeomVertexFormat()

vaf = GeomVertexArrayFormat()
vaf.addColumn("xyzh", 4, Geom.NTFloat32, Geom.CPoint)

When I try to use the in vec4 extra; within vertex shader, it looks like it is behaving like a instancing variable… which I do have enabled but is in a separate vertex array…

in vec4 vertex;
in vec2 texcoord; //L1
in vec4 color;
in vec4 extra; //L2
in vec4 xyzh;

Also, i noticed if I swap L1 and L2, the variable extra works like a vertex attribute but the texcoord seems to be set to 0…

It should work. Are you saying “extra” is behaving as if it has a divisor set? That sounds like it might be a bug. Which version of Panda, and can you reproduce it in a simple sample program?