How to create a complex 3D scene ?

Hi everyone ! I was wondering… how can you create a complex 3d scene in panda3d like this one :

(I know, the image is big) for example ? Do you have to store everything in a .egg file, use a scene editor or a height field map ? And how do you handle the collisions ? I am really curious about that.

You are free to do it like you want. You could use a heightmap for the ground and place the trees etc on you own or save everything in one .egg file (which is not very flexible).

The method that works for your project will likely depend on the specifics of your project, I think: Does your scene use heightmaps, modelled geometry, procedurally-generated parts or some other type of terrain? Are your objects intended to be placed manually or procedurally, and what requirements does placement have (for example, do your objects have any properties that should be set)?

In general, for a fairly large scene, you might consider using your 3D-modelling tool to arrange your scene, perhaps some code in your game that reads exported tags in order to handle custom properties, or perhaps one of the editors that have been posted on the forum at various times, such as this one or this one, as appropriate to your project.