How to create a background thread for messaging

I read the manual but the multithread part isn’t talking about something in general python programming and the network/message seems for panda only. What I want is to create a background thread for receiving and publishing messages, not from/to another panda process. I’m so far being able to sent messages using RabbitMQ/pika, but the receiving part of it includes a continues polling loop that will block panda from running. I guess I can always stop and start the client/server connection in some time interval, but that defeats the purpose of instant messaging/event. Since I do have multi-cores in my machine, I’d really like to know if there’s a way to do it.

I believe that after reading this post:
that threading is supported in panda 1.8

So, either wait for 1.8 to be released or use the buildbot versions of panda, then you can use the python threading module, me thinks.

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Or you could use a task chain, which can run your tasks in a separate thread from the main thread.