How to convert .DNA files to .BAM?

So I have created a street DNA using the Panda3D Toontown level editor and I was wondering if I could get it in BAM format so I could import it to Maya so I could use it in my Call of Duty map.

Hey! DNA files were created for Toontown, and I don’t think Panda has a built-in tool to compile them into bam files. If you use bam2egg, then convert the egg to a file that Maya can open, you may be able to put all the models into one big model from there. DNA files are plain text that a dna parser will read. The DNA file does not have the models in them, but the DNA parser reads a value that tells it what file to load, therefore if you could directly convert dna to bam, you would be putting plain text into a model. You’d need to parse the DNA first, so you get all the models and positions.

Pressing F10 in the Level Editor should create a BAM file from the currently loaded DNA file. The BAM should be created in the leveleditor folder.