How to construct CollisionSolids in MAYA?

CollisionSolids can be created interactively in program code, they can also be constructed modeling package like MAYA.
But I don’t know how to load them up from an egg file. Hope somebody can help me!
Thank you very much!

For the world collision, you can execute eggObjectFlags.mel to add custom attribute to the object, which allow you to choose several tag/flag, one of them is barrier. Then " barrier" tag will be added to the .egg file, which automatically turns the node as collision node. You can set the tag by opening the object’s tab in attribute editor, it’s on the bottom.
Find eggObjectFlags.mel in the source if you downloaded the source. But there is a missing semicolon in the script, and the procedure is not auto-executed. Use mine.
Read your Confauto.prc for explanation.

For the avatar, you can create e.g. a sphere in Maya and then in Panda you can query it’s radius by reading it’s 1st vertex. Thus you will get a perfectly accurate collision sphere size. Just make sure to respect the sphere’s transform relative to it’s top parent, and make sure to export the transformation. (I’ve made it easy :
Read the manual : Reading the existing geometry data.
Or you can use the 1st approach too, but using bubble tag. But it wouldn’t be accurate in size, since it’s just bounding volume.

ynjh_jo, thanks so much! I’ll try that!