How to apply 3D Flowers on a 3d model

i want a 3d flowers on a 3d model. how would I achieve that?
something like the following image:
i have the 3d model let’s say the Panda model, i want to wrap the flowers all over the panda. (if the Panda model complex achieves that, we can consider adding those flowers on a flat plane).

So how to do so? (Please excuse my newbie here)
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

If you mean the outline of the model, something like a selection. Usually a stencil buffer and shader are used. First you generate a panda mask, then you increase the model and subtract the mask, in theory there will be a contour that repeats the shape of the panda. Next, you can paint over with the help of a shader.

You can search the forum for implementation details.

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Thank you for your answer, Well it seems that I didn’t clarify very well what I want.
I just found a picture over the internet on that matter. I do want the exact thing as it shown in the picture.

Screenshot (349)

What I do have at the moment is just the 3d floor mesh and I do want to add those 3d flowers on the surface.

Oh, you meant vegetation, here’s a game that participated in PyWeek 29, vegetation is clearly implemented in it.

The code is open, you can study it.


It was a really helpful answer.
I do have one more question, is there in Panda3D something similar to the following video, where I can create the vegetation through applying hair particles on the mesh?

The answer is simple Panda3D is not a 3D editor and you will not find the appropriate features. In 3D engines, everything is done differently. Basically so: Browse (1) - Shadertoy BETA
Or as an export of a mesh in the form of vegetation.

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