How to animate an egg in Blender

  1. Make the meshes
  2. Edit the meshes (opt.-depends on what you want to do)
  3. Make the armature (opt. change the armature view-see armature tutorial)
  4. Move the armature and size it so that it stays on the area you wish to alter (opt.-if you can’t see the armature, go in Wireframe mode)
  5. Modify the mesh with the armature do not press Apply
  6. Make the animation by animating only the armature in Pose Mode (here he will take the name as bone) (search an animation tutorial for help how to set keyframes)
  7. Weight paint the Mesh
  8. Export it with Chicken 1.0


  1. If no animation occurs then you either skipped step 5 or press apply
  2. If the animation in egg does not occur, then you should try the old fashion armature assigning:
    a. Select both mesh and armature
    b. press Ctrl+P, select Armature then the 3rd or 4th option

Note: all this must be done with more vertexes; if you have a basic shape just press in Edit Mode W and select Multi and select at least 6