How Panda3d in vmware?

Hi, I have my dev machine under vmware, and found that panda not work on it.

Somebody know what is necesary to put it to work?

VMWARE Workstation 6 with Win2003 32 bits under Windows 2008 64 bits…

whats your error message?

I don’t think you can access the graphics hardware under vmware. You can run Panda in software mode if you want.


I haven’t tried it myself, but it should work. Make sure you’ve created a VM with the Experimental 3D support enabled. You can verify this by running “dxdiag” in the VM and running through the Direct3D tests.

Also make sure you’re using the Direct3D backend in Panda3D. VMware Workstation doesn’t yet support hardware accelerated OpenGL, only Direct3D. If all this fails, you might try downloading the Workstation 6.5 beta. WS 6.5 has much better 3D support than 6.0.