How does one run a game on Panda3D?

I have downloaded everything, as yet I do not even know enough to know what file to execute to even attempt programming.

There are some simple games code available created with Panda3D, how would a person run one of these games using the Panda3D software?

The thinking is that if my kids see a game actually created with this software and then we can look at how things are written and organized within the game engine we could get some ideas as to how all of this works together. As yet I cannot find any kind of user interface for Panda3D and I am unable to find any way to run any of the example games.

Is it even possible to run any games within the Panda3D game engine? Or does one have to compile games into an executable file to run them?

As I replied to your other post, you have to open those samples using Panda3Ds builtin python version.

You don’t have to compile them, they can run out of the box (since Python is an interpreted language)

Thanks for the post, I finally found the tutorial section yesterday, running the sample games is easy now.

I modified the asteroid game yesterday to have a grass back ground and flying bugs in place of asteroids and a frog rather than a ship etc, just stupid simple stuff but it helped me to gain a little understanding and the kids have had a blast with the changes.

This morning I went downloaded Gimp 2 so that I could do more with images and changed my bugs to fish and changed the grass to an ocean and was able to use transparency in my images, looks a lot better now…

Today I am studying the creation of an executable game file using packpanda and what not. Thanks for the help.