How doable it is to make Panda3D Web3-enabled?

I’d like to ask the community if any of you managed to make your P3D game web3-enabled ?

People can do it with Unity but Panda3D isn’t considered “mainstream” engine. Since Python can be used to play around with smart contracts common sense is telling me it shouldn’t be a problem on any application written in Python including game made with P3D.

Do you have any experience ? Or insights ?

At the moment it is experimental.

I followed these instructions and was able to create a sample.

Sorry, what’s Web3, and how does it relate to 3D engines?

These marketing terms are getting weirder and weirder. Are you simply saying getting panda3d to run in a browser?

“Web3” means cryptocurrency integration… Which, Panda doesn’t have built in but there’s nothing stopping you, I guess, either by just using a Python library for whatever you want.


I think that’s what he meant.

However, this is a set of functions that he did not formulate specifically what interests him.

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Thanks for clarifying. Yeah you covered it. I dont see why couldnt introduce blockchain stuff. Not my jam, but, yeah, i dont think thats really a panda3d question.

Yeah, i think you are right

Thank you all for your input. Yes my question was referring to the ability to use P3D game in conjuction with cryptocurrencies. I’d like my players to be earning digital assets just by playing the game.

It looks like this isn’t engine-dependent so I’ll do the research. I posted here just to see if anyone made similar game before.

Thank you.

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