How do you...

Hello, I am a new user of Panda 3D. I’ve gotten thourough the panda part. Now I have some questions: How do you create and edit your own egg fils? Also How do you speed/slow down your actor? (Or Panda) Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what you mean about speed on the actor, do you mean the playrate or the change in location?

I do know, however, how you create your own egg files, you need a modelling package, either 3ds max 7/6/5, Maya(an actual version, not PLE),
Lightwave, Multigen, or any other supported and just run it through the converter to Egg format. If you want a free modelling package, get Blender.

Lol, dunno what you mean but I’ll learn.

Oh! I msee you play toontown! Your project sounds interesting! (Iplay TT too)

(I wish I could edit my posts) OK 1 more question: How do you get blender?

You download it from there :

It’s not easy to learn, though

What is "it’? bear with me I’m new.