How do you do with large worlds?


First time hand-coding 3d games so i was wondering how you guys make to create large worlds, for instance, a fully lightmaped forest, do you lightmap and combine every static thing on modeler then export it as single big file? or do you export single pieces and clone them in code?


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I think it would depend on the size of your world. If your world is very big, you might want to make trees pop in and out of existence, based on the distance from the player, then you should not combine everything as one model. Otherwise, if your world could be shown all at once, I would just make all static things in the 3D modelling software. But I am sure somebody else has a much better answer than me!

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Here in this book you can find some info about large worlds
Real-Time Rendering Fourth Edition
19 chapter 10th section: rendering large scenes
and also check previous section (it is 19.9) about level of detail
Generally there is a lot of techniques

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Thanks both!..