How do I use py2exe or cx_freeze to execute my panda3d game?

So as you know, I’m having a problem with packanda and I would like to know if you can use something like py2exe or cx_freeze to make my games executable.

with py2exe or cx_freeze, I have to include panda3d packages in order to make a executable file.

	name = '',
	options = {'build_exe': {'packages': ['direct.directbase.DirectStart'],
                'include_files': ['resources/box.egg.pz']}},
	executables = [cx_Freeze.Executable('', base = base)]

but I’m having an error that says “can’t import direct.directbase.DirectStart”

Does anybody knows how to distribute panda3d games without using packpanda?

packpanda is deprecated. It’s recommended to use packp3d followed by pdeploy. This is the recommended (and easiest) way to pack games using Panda3D into an .exe. It works similar in principle to py2exe.

I have some questions.

  1. What’s pdeploy, pack3d?

  2. After installation, it gives you an check box option “run (your game name)”. Why is this not working?

  3. I’m using windows 8, 64 bit. will this be a problem when I use packpanda?