How do I trigger animation if model has only 1 blend file?

I’ve just learned how to animate a model with multiple bam files. Basically you tell Python or C++ when to play each file and for how long based on certain conditions.

What I’m trying to figure out is how do I trigger animation of a model that came only as
a one blend file ? Here’s my example Pikachu Medium Poly Free 3D Model - .blend .fbx .obj - Free3D
It’s supposedly animated and I can see different poses but the model comes as only 1 blend file.

This is content of the file I downloaded:

Thank you for feedback.

This is a file .a blend that cannot be downloaded, you must export it in a format that panda understands. EGG or .gltf

I strongly recommend that you read this manual.

I already used blend2bam to convert it into format Panda understands. I just didn’t mention it in the post.

You just pass only the name of the model to the Actor constructor.

Use actor.getAnimNames() to list the animations in the model, and play('name') with one of those names to play the animation.

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Very nice ! Thank you ! I went with blend2bam [src] [dst] --animations separate and then pass it to the dictionary for the Actor class. But I will keep your way in mind !