How do I start Panda3D?

Hello, I’m new to this (the python coding part). I just want to start the program itself to try and import some of my models. Then I will go and learn python etc. I’m not new to modeling at all, I’m currently busy with a mod of battlefield 2 called “Insurgent Strike”. I’m the head modeler there.

So what I’m asking kindly is how do I start panda 3D to start making games?

Btw, can you make a game like World of Warcraft style? Just with less details etc and such.

Thank you,


It is strongly recommended that you learn a little bit of Python before you begin with Panda (“A Byte of Python” is really excellent introduction into Python for those who have no idea about programming at all, it is free and available online).
After a few pages of the above book Panda’s manual with begin making sense (don’t forget to read “Hello World” tutorial).
With regards to your last question, Panda3D is powerful game engine with few commercial games released, and is very well supported by Disney developers. You can do practically any kind of game with it… but you must learn coding.

can panda do a wow-style : -> you wouldnt be able to tell its not wow. panda can do pretty much everything YOU can do;)

about learning python scroll down a bit. there are many good links to tutorials and books to learn python.

btw. panda is a collection of libraries helping you to develop 3d-applications. unlike battlefield there is nothing like a “editor” of that kind (one is in development,thought). developing games with panda means. coding listen to birukoff, learn programming (python)
good places to get started are the “absolute beginner sticky” here on the forum, the manual (link above in the navigation bar of the site), and the sample-applications which come with your panda installation (start with the solar-system sample)