How do i make a game compatiable for mac?

Im googling and i cant find anything :frowning:
or where i can even learn how to

I haven’t built for Mac myself (that I recall), but I presume that it would be much the same as your build process on whatever platform you’re currently using.

I think that this is covered fairly well in the manual, in section three. (I won’t link to specific pages since I don’t know what sort of distributable you’re creating–installer, web-based or executable-plus-download.)

If you’re creating an installer, then you should, I think, be able to simply pass the appropriate keyword to pdeploy. I’m less confident about the other two types of distributable (I use them far less often), but I think that a web-build shouldn’t require even that.

Lol im trying to do it for exe

What do you mean by “do it for exe”? Do you mean building an installer that sets up your game, or a single executable that just runs your game with no installation?

As far as I’m aware, Panda’s provided distribution tools offer the following options:

  • Build a p3d file; the user the installs the Panda runtime, which allows them to play the game. This is likely not what you’re looking for.
  • Build a p3d file, then embed it in a web-page via the web-player. Again, this is likely not what you’re looking for.
  • Build a single executable–but one that automatically downloads and installs the runtime to the player’s computer (and thus requires an internet connection when first run). This… might be what you’re looking for.
  • Build an installer that includes everything–runtime included–and can thus set up the game on a user’s computer without access to an internet connection. This… is possibly what you’re looking for.

If you want a simple executable–no installation, no internet connection, no automatic download of the runtime–then you might be stuck doing it yourself; you might want to look into Python executable builders. This isn’t an issue specific to the Mac platform, as far as I’m aware–it’s related to Panda’s approach to distribution.

I have run into the same problem. Any code I generate for Mac doesn’t work. I posted a question about this, but it appears that recent changes in their OS might be incompatible. Anyone else know anything about this?

Yes, it’s Apple removing old APIs, curse them. The upcoming 1.9.0 release of Panda will fix this.

I have all the folders and files just want to make an application with the game

Im trying xcode but i have no idea where to learn this stuff