how do I loading screen?

Hi everyone!
I want to load all the models at a time
and I want to make loading screen.
how do I?

hi, welcome to panda.

basically you load your loading screen like you’d do with every other model,too. ( onscreenimage /custom model/whatever you have) then render 2 frames (one to render the screen, one for flipping buffers).

then you load the rest of your game. and continue like usual.

2 frames? I don’t understand why you says two, I load my image, I draw it and I load my model, it’s false?

usualy you need 2 frames. that has technical reasons.
your graficcard has 2 buffers. one which is displayed, and one which is used to draw the next image to be displayed.
if the new image finished drawing. those 2 buffers are flipped.
so the new image will be displayed. and the old one can be cleared and redrawn with new content.
if you would disable this process, you’d actually see how your graficcard draws the single objects, this can lead to very corrupt visuals.

so first you need to render a frame (like you’d do). then you need to render another one (which is , by itself useless) to flip the 2 buffers so you actually see the result rendered in the first frame.

Thank you for everything.
I’m trying to do