How do I export a motion path in maya?

I’m trying to create a motion path in maya and export it to an .egg file for use in Panda, but I can’t get panda to recognize my maya motion path. Is there a special type of spline I need to create, or do I have to use real geometry? How do I export a motion path from maya to a format that panda will recognize?

Any help ASAP would be appreciated, because this will be a fundamental part of my game.

Thanks in advance,


edit: It says in the manual that the egg file needs the “curve” tag, but my egg file does not. What do i need to do in maya for this to work?

Create an ordinary NURBS curve in Maya using any three of the Curve tools. Use maya2egg without any special parameters to convert it, e.g.:

maya2egg -o curve.egg curve.mb

Confirm that your resulting egg file contains the syntax “”. This egg file should be loadable as a Mopath. You need to load it into Panda with something like this:

m = Mopath()

And then you can play it with a MopathInterval like this:

i = MopathInterval(m, myNode)


Thanks for getting back to us so quickly, I’m Adam’s modeler on this project. I have saved a maya file with just a curve in the scene, I’m using Maya 6.5 so in the command line I used:

maya2egg65 -o track.egg track.mb

Then I received this error message.

The procedure entry point ?index@MItMeshPolygon@@QEHPAVMStatus@@@Z cound not be located in the dynamic link library OpenMaya.dll

I even received this error message when I ran.

maya3egg65 -h

If you have any clue what’s going on please let me know.

Thanks a lot; it would make for a great game if we could get this to work.


Do you have more than one version of Maya installed? It sounds like it is picking up the version of OpenMaya.dll from some version of Maya other than 6.5. If you have no need for other versions of Maya, it might be simplest to completely uninstall any other versions you have; but if you need to keep them all then you will need to set your PATH variable such that the Maya 6.5 directory appears first on your path (or restrict yourself to using the version of Maya that does appear first on your path).