How do I edit .egg files using 3ds Max?

Can someone assist me, I am wondering if there is a way to import a .egg file, the same as you can export a .egg file within 3ds Max???

as far as i know there is no .egg importer. you could write one. or you convert your egg file into a format which can be imported by max. .x maybe.

hmmmm… ok, thx

Actually there are egg import plugins in the plugin directory. The exporters are called maxeggYOURVERSION.dlo and the importers maxeggimportYOURVERSION.dle. Note that plugins for max version 9 are compatible with 2008 as well. Likewise the 2010 versions should be compatible with 2011 so there are no seperate plugins for those max versions.

ok, thx alot :smiley: