How do i do a loop with a list

Ok i did this before with a dictionary but now i have finally got most of my collision handling system down. (i took alot from roaming ralph) so i have this:

    currentArea.collisionEntries = []
    for i in range(colQueue.getNumEntries()):
        entry = colQueue.getEntry(i)

so the list only has one item in it for now

[render/fighter.egg/playerShipCollisionShape into render/planet_sphere.egg/planetCollisionShape at -41.9529 2135.08 -121.397]

But i need to make a for loop for this like:

        for i in self.area.collisionEntries:
            if (len(self.area.collisionEntries)>0) and (self.area.collisionEntries[i].getFromNode().getName() == "playerShipCollisionShape"):
                #Todo: write code here

but that dosent work. how would i go about making al oop for this?

for entry in self.area.collisionEntries:
    if entry.getFromNode().getName() == "playerShipCollisionShape":
        #Todo: write code here 


Thank you!!!

P.S. Good luck with the web plugin im lookin forward to it :smiley: