How do I configure a path in panda3D

I’m running the BVWPandatutorial. In the prompt I get the message
" no files found matching C:\Panda*\src\configfiles*.pth"
" Check $PLAYER or your starting directory."
Apperently I did not set the path right.
How do I set the path right in the C:\Panda\Config.prc file?
How do I make a new directory to do the tutorials in?
I named my first file ‘’ . This is apparantly also illegal because
it has already being used in the source coude, and might give conflicts
with the namespaces?

Thanks for reading this e-mail.

The startup warning message is bogus and can be completely ignored. It’s caused by an extra file in the distribution which should have been removed, but accidentally was not; you can make the warning message go away by removing C:\Panda\direct\src\showbase\ and C:\Panda\direct\src\showbase\sitecustomize.pyc.

You can make any directory a scratch directory. You can either run ppython from that directory, or add it to the directories listed in the environment variable PYTHONPATH. I don’t know any reason why you shouldn’t create a file called; there shouldn’t be a problem with conflicts between files you create and other files that are already part of the Panda system, since the names are fully scoped.