How do I add a glow map correctly?

Here is my code without without the glow map added:

self.tsColor = TextureStage('color')
self.tsNormal = TextureStage('normal')
self.tsGloss = TextureStage('gloss')

texture.setTexture(self.tsGloss, glossMap)
texture.setTexture(self.tsNormal, normalMap)
texture.setTexture(self.tsColor, colorMap)

The output looks fine:

But then when I add the glow map:

self.tsGlow = TextureStage('glow')
texture.setTexture(self.tsGlow, glowMap)

This happens:

What am I doing wrong?
edit: that is the color map by itself with no lights on it

As far as I know, a shader is required. As in samples, example: glow-filter

Could you share the glow map you are using?

Here it is:

Are you sure that is meant to be a glow map? It looks more like an occlusion map, which would be applied simply using the “modulate” mode.

If you really want to make the bricks glow, you have to make sure that the glow map is loaded into the alpha channel, and then you should use a postprocessing shader that is capable of showing the glow map (such as the “bloom” filter that ships with CommonFilters, see the glow-filter sample program).

Ohhh, I assumed occlusion and glow meant the same thing. It’s definitely an occlusion map. So just to get this straight, I add the glow texture using setTexture and MGlow and then I add the bloom filter? And can I use the occlusion map as the glow map?

edit: MModulate does add the occ map

No, I wouldn’t suggest adding it as a glow map, unless you are actually trying to create a glowing effect? Ambient occlusion is not related to glow.

A glow map is usually black with white areas indicating where the wall should emit light, which will be simulated by a blur filter in CommonFilters. I don’t think a glow map is what you want to use here.

Yes you’re right, I’ll try using the ambient material property in the morning. I’m trying to get the most realistic look and apart from using a custom shader, what can you recommend?

If you are looking for the most realistic look, find a shader that implements PBR shading, or use the RenderPipeline.

The ambient occlusion map needs to be multiplied in with the final colour, hence it being given a “modulate” mode.

Thank you very much! I’ll have a look into material adjustments and try the pipeline. That should give me a much better look.