how can one do wall jumping?

Hello everyone, I am intending to make a feature in a project which i have dubbed wall jumping

I am pretty sure that is what it is called

To illustrate what i mean, there is a link to a youtube video below. it is from the game S4 league. Apologies for the vulgarities in the song used by the creator of the video

Anyway, do take note of when the players jump off the walls

I was wondering if anyone knew how this could be executed in panda

Oh and i am using panda 1.6.2

do like you’d do with a floor too.
set up your collisions, let the collision traveser do it’s work.
check each collision, get the collision normal. if the Z-component (relative to render) is zero or close to zero move the player according to whatever direction you want him to go. (like along the collision normal + a bit upwards)

not much different from jumping or walking on the floor, except the direction (which is easily exchangeable in virtual worlds)