how can I display Ralph's position on the screen

I thought about:

    RalphsPostion = str(self.ralph.getPos())
    self.inst8 = addInstructions(0.60, RalphsPosition)

and I put it right above
return Task.cont

and it just keeps writing over itself…making a mess.

self.inst8 now contains an instance of OnscreenText. You can change the text in the instance with the setText method but this can only be done if OnscreenText is instantiated with: OnscreenText(args…, mayChange=True). You will have to change the addInstructions function to reflect this.

self.inst8 should also be only instantiated once, do it along with the other instructions. In your task, you then do:

self.inst8.setText(“Your Text Here”)

Make sure you specify mayChange = True to the OnscreenText constructor if you ever want to change it.

Thanks. I got it to work now.

I placed
self.inst8 = addInstructions(0.60, “”)
right after
self.inst7 = addInstructions(0.65, “[S]: Rotate Camera Right”)
RalphsPosition = str(self.ralph.getPos())
right before
return Task.cont

Its nice to see his coordinates. For some reason his Z is 0.51
p.s. I didn’t need myChange = True anywhere