Horribly stupid question-does color of texture effect loading times?

Sorry for the stupid question here. I have been self teaching myself programming for the last year or so. I am a network systems engineer, and frankly too old to go back to school…by old I mean, I dont want to do the school thing ANYMORE…did that, got the T-shirt, had too much fun at the party and got kicked out of the country kinda thing lol. I know its a basic question but just more curiosity then anything. I know the more vert and such, triangles blah blah cause issues with performance, but just wondering about the color of the textures? eg, light green vs vibrant purple? Im thinking it does not matter, but more to settle an internal debate between myself and I :). Guess the most stupid question is the one not asked right :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome. If as loading you mean just reading the data then it probably is the same for all colors since they have the same size in bytes. And if you mean rendering then I dont know but even if, it will be so small that it is irrelevant.

Awesome, thats what I thought :). Thanks for the welcome, really enjoying Panda…actually fun to use lol

It will not affect render time.

If your texture is stored compressed as png or jpg and it is comprised of many colours, it may take subtly longer to load than if it contains only one colour, because it will be larger, but I don’t think this would be particularly noticeable.

Ah I see :). I just wanted to make sure cause I wanted to add a lot more colour to my map. Already pushing my old laptop limits. Once I get use to the basics and the how to’s…I will be upgrading to a much better desktop. Start working on the big program :).