Hollering out....

Hi. i was hoping to create a game with Panda. I’m relitively a noob in programming in Python. Is this the right engine for me? (Graphics wise i want something polished and am willing to practice to achieve the best I can possibly accomplish graphics-wise. i plan to use blender for modeling.) However, looking around the website I see few games made with Panda. If so, are there any tutorials to help my get started with Panda3d?



well if you’r new to programming. panda is about the best thing you can get. its 100%python programmable and comparatively easy to use.
blender + panda is a great combination. be sure to use the chicken exporter.

about tutorials.
there is the absolute beginner thread (you dont need it if you already did some thinkering with panda+python).
then there are a bunch of samples comming with your panda installation. they are tutorial-like structured, starting with the solar-example.
then there is the manual which is another great resource for learning stuff.
of course there is the forum and the apiref.


Thanks. Another quick question (pretty much all i been doin’ is askin’ question, eh?) does Panda3D support cutscenes?

You bet. You can either script them to run in-game, or play a movie file (check out the “Media Player” sample).

EDIT: In reference to your original question - learn some basic Python first. In particular basic assignment (variables and such), functions, and classes. Be sure to include all types of variables (integers, strings, tuples, dictionaries, etc). Once you can work with those things, you’ll be well equipped to understand the Panda manual. It will also help you to understand how programming works. Game programming is probably the most difficult application of programming - you want to keep it as simple as possible to understand the concepts, believe me.

Thanks much. I do know Python, and although I haven’t read thru the manual have been picking through it selectively. Results: I am going to love developing with Panda3D :smiley: