hiding console window?

I dont think so,but can i hide the console window from the windows toolbar?

Use pythonw.exe (and not python.exe) to run your scripts.


Thanks.But what i really wanted to say is how i do that when making an .exe?
PS.And can i change the name of the window from ‘Panda’ to ‘my_games_name’?

wp = WindowProperties()

Or, add the window-title var to your Config.prc.

Alright,it worked.
Another question:
So theres a way to make the game run with pandaw when making and .exe,right?I havent made one yet.

That depends on how you make your exe… using packpanda? or py2exe? or pyinstaller?


No, packpanda does not support that, although it’s very easy to make it use pythonw.exe instead of python.exe.

Edit the file C:\Panda3D-1.5.3\direct\src\directscripts\packpanda.nsi with your favourite text editor. Then, replace all the instances of “python.exe” with “pythonw.exe”. Then save the file and run packpanda again – now, it will pack ppythonw.exe and make that the default.

pro-rsoft,youre a genious :smiley:

Ok,one last question:
Cant i make packpanda to create a shortcut in the desktop?


Packpanda does not support that, although, there have been people who got it to work (I believe Hypnos added code to packpanda.nsi to create desktop shortcuts and quicklaunch icons, but I’m not sure.)

Used the forums Search.didnt find anything.I dont think theres a topic about it :frowning: