Hide Console

Hej there!

Is there a possibillity to hide the console of panda3d so only my game app is opend after starting the game?

At the moment I only managed to redirect all the output of panda, but I want to get rid of the empty console window.

Any hints or suggestions, would be greatful for help!

Best regards

Hi, and welcome to the Panda3D forums!

You surely mean the console that pops up when you run python? Panda3D opens no console by default.
I assume you’re running Windows. You can simply run your game with ppythonw instead of ppython, or I think you can rename your main .py file to .pyw as well.

Thaks for the quick response.

yes i’m running under windows.

so it’s a python problem, i’m going to check my installation cause i don’t have ppythonw and pythonw doesn’t work - yet :wink: