hi, im new here and have few question :)


first of all:i’m a newbie (yes, sadly)

second of all, i didn’t know about panda3D since 5 minutes. and it look like a very good game engine :slight_smile:

i know there’s maybe a feature list, but can i ask if a few thing are in this engine ?
(i’m new to the python programming language btw,)
so i’m gonna start whit a list of dummie-newbie-question list if you want :slight_smile:

-is the python language has the same power than c++?, will be awesome, very simple of use!
-is there’s a sound plugin in panda3D? i check the feature list and it dosen’t have any sound plugin (like OpenAL) displayed.
-can i remplace ODE by Bullet physic (this library was used to create many movie and commercial game, more is powerfull, more is awesome :wink: )
-can the ogre3D Rendering engine can be incorporated with this game engine? (will be awesomly nice! ^^)
-what kind of game can we make with this SDK? (fps/tps/race/rts/HORROR(XD)/ect.)
-and last and a little bit personal question: is this game engine has been approved, is there’s a commercial game who use it? and use the python language?

so, truly dummie question hun?? ^^
i’m just wondering about these, because i was sherching for an open source engine for SOOOOOO long!!

well, dunno how to end this post…

thanks in advice for responding :slight_smile:

thanks, friendly, pengasius :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome to panda3d

dont be sorry to be new. we all went trough that stage once so dont be afraid to ask.

not really. it has all features you’d expect from a game engine + a lot more. it’d be a very long list if we’d list it all. if you need a specific feature feel free to ask if it’s already implemented.

power can refer to a lot of things. including prototyping speed, robustness, ease of use, execution speed.
in panda’s case it makes no real difference if you use python or c++. the engine itself is c++ and python only controlls that code. so it’s easy to use, yet very fast.

sure, it’s a complete game engine after all. openAL and fmod are currently supported afaik.

you can, but you need to be a skilled coder. someone on the forum already had a bullet plugin working. ODE is fine for most things, there are only few reasons to actually switch. if you’r new to game programming it’s VERY unlikely you encounter those.

this question comes up from time to time. simple answer: no, it would make no sense. panda3d is complete game engine, this includes rendering. technically it would be possible but it would neither be useful nor would it improve performance. it’s not the engien which renders stuff. it’s your GPU after all. panda’s rendering part is awsomly nice too.

panda3d is a generic framework. there are no limitations on what kinds of games you can do with it. unlike many other engines it’s not highly specialized on a certain kind of game.

panda is a very mature engine developed and used by disney and CMU. it’s used in 2 commercial MMORPG’s (toontown, pirates of the carribean online), and a number of other titles as well as a few rides in disney theme parks.

you’r welcome :slight_smile:

Power? You mean if the python bytecode runs as fast as a compiled C++ code? No, it runs a lot slower actually, but Panda3d IS written in C++ and has an official python wrapper so you can call C++ code from python, which isn’t ‘slow’. Now if Panda3d was written in Python itself then that would be different, but it isn’t.

OpenAL and FMOD, and there is also ‘Miles’, but never used it and it’s commercial. I think fro 3d audio you’ll need FMOD.

There isn’t currently a Bullet wrapper for Panda3d, but few people have been working on it. There is also a PhysX experimental wrapper.

Actually that would be pointless.

This is a game engine, it isn’t a specific genre engine. Look for the Showcase section for free example games.

Look closely at the main page. You can’t miss it.
But I would advice you not to take that into consideration when choosing any engine. There are many other reasons for companies not to use open source other than features and quality.

EDIT: Thomas beat me to the punch

ahm jeah^ and openAL does 3d audio :stuck_out_tongue: at least it does for me.

thanks for very fast respond :slight_smile:

this is great!, but if i povide to make an fph (first person horror), i will need some horror stuff, like (yeah, hope you like it :wink: ) : Blood (or in development atribution :image decals)

is there’s a kind of decal editor in the sdk, if not :i’ll try to make one my self by python :wink: (when i will be more advenced :confused: )

3D audio really? this is even great, for player immersion :slight_smile:

Oops, mixed it with DSP effects, sorry

panda has decal functions, actually there are a number of different techniques to achive “paint” effects. some of them include shaders. rdb once wrote a fascinating shader with some quite… realistic … results.

btw… sure 3d audio :smiley: this is a 3d-game-engine after all :smiley: wouldnt it be strange to only have 1D audio?

I d’ont think that 1D exist but lol^^

thanks for this ansewer :slight_smile:

I got alot of very nice decals btw, is there’s a kind of share ressources board?
Will be awesome to share!

Thanks again!


if you have something to show off you could post it in the showcase. we also have a somewhat old gallery for art but noone really contributes. you could also request some webspace (we have the luxuary of providing some for panda-related projects so you can host it online and show it off).

there are many places. waiting for a moderator response, or contacting one would be resaonable.

1d-space exists just fine. your balance-slider of your favorit music player is 1D audio :stuck_out_tongue: left-right.