Hi, Im looking for a old game engine for panda3d

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has this or has it not been realest yet. I really like it and want to give it a try.
Deviant Engine - MMORPG Builder

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is this what you were thinking of: [Deviant Engine - MMORPG Builder)

As far as I know the code was never released. I don’t recommend starting an mmo if this is one of your first projects.

Yes that’s what I’m looking for but there’s no files to download, just was wondering if anyone still has it, or if anyone know where I can get it. :slight_smile:

No I have done a lot of mmo programming just looking for something that I can miss around with on my free time. I use hero engine and big worldtechnology to make my games,I Have a really big team I just want to build on one that is made. I’m just want something that is open sources and Iv been though a lot of free mmos engines just has not found one for me yet, I will just keep looking that’s why I just though of this engine. My best bet would just to program one on my own. :slight_smile: