Hey im new to Panda3d!

Hi guys, i just found out Panda3d, and Im loving it so far. I really want to make some sort of game in 3d, maybe a fps, maybe something else. My question is, what tools are good to help me make a level, like a bsp file, and I also need a good, free, easy modeller that will let me get something in my game, with as little hassle as possible.

THis is a problem because of the limited supported types of files.

I see GTKRadiant(a level maker), but this exports to BSP, and I don’t know if there are any programs that can convert bsp to egg.

i also need a good free modeller. what do you suggest a good modeller is that can get a model into my game w/o hassle?

So, i need a level editor and a modeller, and i’ll be golden.


a bunch of modellers work they all have exporters
gmax, 3dsmax, blender, etc…
i think gtk would work if you could export to a modeller


Use blender it has excellent egg exporter. There is no BSP 2 egg tools but there is online tools to convert BSP to format panda can read. I remember seeing a BSP to obj converter I made obj2egg if you want to take a look https://discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?t=3378&highlight=obj2egg - and i can modify if it does not work.

gmax is no longer available and its only going to export to the given game its made for…


  • did I say that *


When i export things to .egg with Blender, the things turn out white. noooooooo =(.

  1. How do I export this with the textures intact

  2. How does the obj2egg thing work? I’m getting slightly confused with it. Does it leave textures intact?


you can still get it at the gmax site, turbosquid. and doesnt panda have a gmax exporter?

white textures are either caused by wrong-asigned textures in blender, wrong texture-path-names /miss-naming in the egg file or truely missing files.

in most cases its one of the first 2. just open up your egg file in a text editor and check if the path to your texture is correct. if it is,read the chicken-exporter manual again and check if you assigned textures in a way the exporter supports it.

Wow everythings just so confusing, I think i want to go to basics, and leave all this file formatting stuff for later. Now, I really just want something working!

Seeing as all of this file format stuff is getting all confusing, I think I will try to just make my world/level in an old fashioned text editor. How would this work exactly?

What is the general way most people make models, from scratch, to put into a Panda game? I know they use Blender, then they do some modelling, then what? For one thing, how does adding the textures to the model work?

Thanks for your patience, Thomas, nl, Treeform

a text editor. would take a long time

textures onto models. well, if ur new, it can be a lil tricky. first you have to UV Map the model.
there are several ways to uv map a model, usuall with a uv mapper :astonished:
one is lithunwrap, its free.
once you uv mapped ur model, you then just texture the map, and then u input it in your modeller. inputting the texture is different for every modeller, so we cant tell you how to until we know what modeller ur using

Okay, i’ll look into UV mapping. In the meantime

If making a level by text will take a long time, what is the usual method of making a level?

depends on your game. usualy some kind of level/scene-editor.
making levels manually in a text-file is horrible. it’ll take years if you can even manage to make one at all.
there are many modellerpackagase which can be used for modelling levels. one of the more famous ones sure is blender3d. it’s free,open source, very powerfull, has a good exporter for panda but its not that easy to start modelling with it. if you read the beginner tutorials it should be no problem thought. still about 42million times better than texteditor.
blender also has a nice UV-mapping editor and offers tons of nice other features.
so… grep blender, the “chicken” exporter , the beginner tutorials and get started :slight_smile:

just learn blender its well worth it.

It like saying: i am cold!
we say get close on!
you say but its hard to fit right and they come in all sorts of sizes i will just jump around and warm up whats the best way to jump?
just figure out how to get them close on and it will work out trust me figure out blender if it was easy every one would be doing it … but it is easy i wonder why more people don’t use blender.