Hexima — a puzzle game inspired by Cuboid

I was happy to participate in PyWeek again last week. The theme was “6”; to implement this, I had the idea to take a create a game inspired by Cuboid but using a six-sided die instead. I teamed up with a friend who did the level design, and @janEntikan was so gracious to help out on the last day with the music.

You can grab the game either from its itch.io page or the PyWeek page. The (extraordinarily messy) source code is on GitHub:

Let me know what you think!


It’s very addictive and I like the visuals and controls, my only criticism would be, that I can’t turn off the SFX but only the music, but that’s maybe just me, having weird preferences of not having to turn of the sound on the OS-Level so my coworkers don’t notice that I’m playing a game instead of working :stuck_out_tongue: .

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Interesting! I haven’t played the game yet. But I’ve noticed you’ve used the fancy Entity-Component-System approach.

@tcdude That’s a valid critique; I rushed all this in so I didn’t have time to put in a way to disable sounds.

@maxxim Yeah, I wanted to get more experience with ECS, and get a feel for how systems like this can be used in Panda. I used the esper library for this, but found it somewhat lacking for this use case, and I cheated at times to get things moving along faster since ECS does impose additional constraints on the programming. In the future, if I want to keep experimenting this, I would go with either an extended version of esper or a different system, like @Moguri’s simpleecs.

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I definitely love the minimal art style and the global art cleanliness. The game is addictive, easy to learn, hard to master. It works perfectly, the engine is getting really robust. :wink:

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