can anyone help me???

why i try to export egg file in maya 2010…it doesn’t work…

the script editor shows that

Exporting scene…
Saved entire scene as temporary file: test_temp.mb
Using these arguments: maya2egg2010 -p -a none [END]
Your scene will be saved as this egg file: test.egg
In this directory: C:/Users/kc/Documents/maya/projects/characterM/scenes/
!!Overwrite enabled!!
‘maya2egg2010’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

there is test.temp file but no .egg file…

help me please…i just newly use panda and i don’t know anything…[/img]

that means you have to configure your windows variables.
or you switch into the panda3d bin and execute from there the command.

btw. also if you set the variables, its better to use a absolute path to your file. i have no idea if this got fixed in the meantime.

either i hope you dont come into troubles by a python conflict. maya use 2.5 (maybe 2010 is using a different version) and panda3d 1.7.>=0 use 2.6. but i hope for you this wont happen. i have no idea how this exporter got writ, so maybe this, only hypothetic this could make a problem too.

but one thing im wondering me, how you created this temp file if the command isnt working!!!?? :wink: sounds more for me like joke, so i will only write this things. and if you are kidding around here, if you got the export running on a mirical, seems you are a witzwart, watch into this file which was created by this not working procedure. so the only way is, you tried to exported your file already out of the bin directory or you conf. your variables. if this file is a egg you just have to rename it. but i really think this is a fake witz thread. sorry :wink: but i dont believe in magic like you too.

The temp file is written by the mel script, which then relies on maya2egg2010.exe to convert it to egg.

But maya2egg2010.exe is not shipped as part of the Panda distribution. There are converters for several other versions of Maya, but not that one (yet).


:smiley: you see, it was joke!

but really, if im not wrong, i really thought i have seen a maya2010 exporter in any built.

it is not a joke ok…i really get this from my script editor…i also don’t know what had happended?

if it is a joke…then could pls provide me solution for this?

i means is there any other way to export??

hmm…but i use maya 2009 also having the same problem… :frowning:

guys…i am serious… i will not waste time have a joke here…the thread is true…either i use maya2010 or maya2009…pls…i am frustrated now…

i am sorry …i am just new user for panda3D…
the variable path have point to panda3d/bin…i saw many .mll file in the plug-in folder…is there any usage?

normally people are not as rude as krid here.
dont panic, you just have to wait a bit as not everyone is alwas on.
you should also have a look at the ‘pipeline’ area.

use the command prompt for.

just for the save way, if you have set your windows variables wrong. go to you bin directory in panda and type in maya2egg2009 (output egg) (absolute path to your ma or mb file)

maybe you have to replace the libguide40.dll from maya bin with the file in the panda bin directory.

praios: im not rude or nasty :wink: this postings just sounds for me like its joke which should lead into a endless discussion. thats my mind to that. :wink:

thanks!!you are so sweet…

krid…sorry…for maya2egg2009…you means to overwrite it??
i open it but just 0 &1 code there…

sorry…cn you explain more?

pipeline there no reply…T.T

sorry i dont understand you.
what you mean by 0 and 1?
if the exorts chrash and you get a error message like the libguide40.dll is corrupt or anything, just replace the libguid40.dll, like i explainted it before.

hmm…i had replace the file…^^
but stil got python error…




can you explain what" type in maya2egg2009 (output egg) (absolute path to your ma or mb file) "