I dont understand
am trying to add this code onto the script
the problem is it says somthing type-error: with the first argument am guessing the animation name part of the code

how can i fix this code to make it work what am i doing wrong?

Am trying to control the monster actor i downloaded from this site

PandaControl=Actor.getAnimControl(‘models/monster1.egg’) #get the AnimControl
PandaControl.isPlaying() #returns a boolean whether the animation is playing or not
PandaControl.getFrame() #returns the current frame number
PandaControl #returns the speed of the animation, in frames per second
PandaControl.getFullFframe() #returns a floating-point frame number exceeding the framecount. Not recommended.
PandaControl.getFullFrame() #returns an integer frame number exceeding the framecount. Not recommended.
PandaControl.getNextFrame() #returns the number of the next frame on the queue.
PandaControl.getNumFrames() #returns the total number of frames
PandaControl.getPlayRate() #returns the playrate. explained further below
PandaControl.loop() #starts playing the animation in a loop #starts playing the animation
PandaControl.pose(frame) #poses at frame frame
PandaControl.setPlayRate(rate) #sets the playrate. explained further below
PandaControl.stop() #stops the animation

First of all, getAnimControl does not take an egg file. You have to load an actor first, including its animations, then call getAnimControl on it with as parameter the animation name.
Those functions listed below that are just example functions like what you can do with the animcontrol. You wouldn’t want to be calling them all :slight_smile: