help with the first saved file

im having a little problem with the first test file the one where he names it 

coz i saved it in mystuff folder within the panda folder but when i try and open it eaither cmd or just my clicking on it then it says

 C:\Panda3D-1.5.2\mystuff\ is not a vaild win32 application 

does anyone have a soultion please :slight_smile:

thank you ive never got this far before when installing panda3D and from what ive seen panda 3d can do some amazing things :smiley:

Instead of just typing โ€œtest.pyโ€ in cmd, try typing โ€œpython test.pyโ€.

I really recommend to follow some very basic Python tutorial before you start using Panda3D.

yayayaya it worked thank you very much :smiley: