Help with maya2egg2009 [Solved]

Back when I was doing most of my exporting from maya to eggs before, I was using the mel script that’s provided with panda. Well, I updated my computer with some new hardware and had to reinstall everything. Now the mel script isn’t working, it runs instantly where it used to take a while (I thought this was because of the system update I did, at first), and it doesn’t create an egg file. So I’m trying to use maya2egg2009.

I used the -h flag to look through the help for the command, but it left with as many questions as answers. I want to export an actor, but I don’t see how to do that. I tried using the -a pose flag, which was all I could think of, but it still doesn’t export as an actor. Am I missing some flag in the help output? I thought I had read through them all. How do I tell it to export as an actor?

“-a model” means an animatable model, i.e. an actor.


Okay, thanks.