Help with Maya 2010

All right, I’m quite new at this, but a have a problem that I do not know how to solve.
I want to export models from Maya 2010 to panda3d programs, but it seems that maya2egg2010 isn’t shipped yet. Is there a beta of this anywhere that I can use/test?
Also, some people say that panda3d 1.7 is able to load .dae files, but I can’t find anywhere how this works.

Please! Any help will be very appreciated, and take my apprentice-level skills into consideration.

Look for dae2egg.

I found out how to load .dae files into panda, so the problem is partially solved. I guess this will do until 1.7.1 where they support maya 2010.

Concerning dae2egg, I just can’t seem to make the program work.
I’m getting an error message saying

That sounds like you are running dae2egg with an incorrect version of the Panda DLL’s in your path. How many versions of Panda do you have installed? Try uninstalling all but the one that supplies dae2egg.


Well… I only have one version installed, and that’s 1.7.0.