Help with installation (problems)

Help with installation.
My friend had problems with him the installation Panda 3D (outcast, last version).
Settings his computer:
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit x86
ATI Radeon 1GB 12500
1 Ram
2.8 ghz processor

He said the message:
Continuing or loading drivers …
And some driver problem?

This is not very much information to go on. In order to be of help, we need much more specific information about the precise nature of the problem.

But you’re guessing a driver issue, which is a good guess in general–driver issues do cause a lot of reported problems with tools like Panda3D. And the advice to solve a driver issue is always the same: go to the web page of your graphics card manufacturer (in this case,, or and download and install the latest version of the driver for your graphics card.