Help with C++ and Panda3D

I have been looking around the forums for my problem, but couldnt find it, so… here’s my problem.

I am using msvc++ 08, and it compiled everything good. but when I Run or Debug it. I get this in a cmd window:

warning: unable to auto-locate config files in directory named by "<auto>etc".
Known pipe types:
<all display modules loaded>
No graphics pipe is available!
Your Config.prc file must name at least one valid panda display library via load-display or aux-display.

not sure what to do. :blush: :exclamation: :question:

Thank you.

It’s trying to locate your Config.prc file(s). By default, it wants to look for them in a directory called “etc” which is a sibling directory of the directory that contains libp3dtool.dll. Try making such a directory and putting your Config.prc file there.

Note that this directory structure is already created when you use makepanda to build an installer, and then run the installer to set up your files in the right place. If you don’t use an installer, you have to do this by hand.

Alternatively, you can set the environment variable PANDA_PRC_DIR to the directory that actually contains your Config.prc file.


The default location for libp3dtool.dll is pandadir/bin/libp3dtool.dll and for Config.prc it is pandadir/etc/Config.prc - do both these files exist in the right locations?

Could it be that when running, it picks up a different version of libp3dtool.dll than the one in ‘bin’ ?

Yes the libp3dtool.dll are in that dir (Pandadir\bin).The PRC files are in the (Pandadir\etc) folder. I am not sure how the would get comfused if i only have one version of Panda Installed.

Ok I think I know what Iam missing. This is what I did and apparently it worked. Since Iam using C++ I decided to Copy my Application into the PANDA-DIR\bin\ Where all the DLL’s are and i ran it and it worked. So I was missing a DLL to run the application. Now it will be a hassle trying to fig out which I need. Lol


Well thank you for all of your help. I appreciated it.