help!why the 'sceneeditor' can not work normally?

I downloaded the Panda3D Complete Source Code(,from this source zip,I run the “” in the contrib/src/sceneeditor directory,everything looks well,but when I called the Animation Panel,there was no window pop-up,it did not work(before this,I load the actor and which was selected),and I tried the other panels, for example,‘duplicate’ ,which has the same problem, no window pop-up.however,the propertyWindow is working I traced the code,I found the error in the function AnimPanel.init in the file “”,error code is “INITOPT = Pmw.INITOPT”,so I added the codes “from Tkinter import *
import Pmw”
,finally the Animation window poped-up,but despondently,it was only visual-able,everything can’t work on this window.
so ,who can tell me what’s worng with the “sceneEditor”???I have been crazy!

It’s been unmaintained for a long time, so I didn’t really expect it to run at all. With some effort you might get it working though - nobody has just stepped up so far to do this.

thanks for your reply!but I want to know where could I get the stable version,or which version of panda3d source include the stable “sceneeditor”?

Er, there is no other version than this, sorry.

To complete Pro-Rsoft’s answer: The Scene Editor was written by a student at ETC/CMU for Panda3D 1.0.5 (thats the last release where it was working right when I remember right).
This project is too complex to be taken into account when developing the engine on. The Scene Editor is just a shadow. Why its still in the Package? Because the devs hope someone will take care of it. There is still a bit hope that there will be an up to date version. But thats up to the community.

Sorry to say that, but due to the fact that most ppl use Blender and other tools to write their “scenes”, it seems that the ScE has no priority atm.

Regards, Bigfoot29