Help Starting panda

Hey, I just got Panda3D and instaled it and that was all good then I look @ the manuale to try to start it and theres a problem.
Pic of problem:

I did the code in Notepad and saved it as
So whats wrong?

Im runing windows 97 XP
I have version 1.6.2


Where is the file located?

Its located in my documents.

If it’s in C:\Documents and Settings\Eric:
Check to make sure you didn’t accidentally name the file If notepad finds a file extension it doesn’t know, it automatically tacks on .txt.

If it’s in C:\Documents and Settings\Eric\My Documents:
You need to type the following command:

cd "My Documents"

Then try again.

Whats should the encoding be?
-Unicode big endian


I don’t believe it matters unless you’re not using English.

It worked then a screne poped up and then went away.
This is what the command prompt said:

So ya, whats all that mean?

Oh Thanks BTW

I think it says that OpenGL won’t work, and since you’re running Windows, try this:
Change this line in your Config.prc file:

load-display pandagl


load-display pandadx9

and see what happens.

What is a config.prc file? How do i get to it? How do i do it?

If you installed Panda3D to it’s default directory, here’s how you do it.

Start -> My Computer -> C:\ -> Panda3D-1.6.2 -> etc -> Config.prc

Just open it in notepad.

Open notepad and click Open. Then, browse to the folder containing the PRC file. Make sure the drop list that says “Text Documents” has been changed to “All files”. Then just open the PRC.

Now its saying I need DirectX 9 is this true?


Thats what it says now.

You may need to download drivers for your graphics card.
I believe you have the Intel 82845G controller, you can get the drivers here.

Ok, I did that now. It says this:

What now?

Your graphics card may not be able to handle 3d graphics, if you’ll read the line that says:

No DirectX 9 D3D-capable 3D hardware detected(...)

If installing drivers didn’t work, you may need a new graphics card.
There are some pretty cheap ones, such as this one, and it should come with it’s corresponding drivers.