HELP NEEDED: Testing build_apps in 1.10.14

I want to release 1.10.14 shortly. It contains support for Python 3.12, which required substantial changes, that may also affect older versions of Python.

Therefore, to everyone who’s using build_apps for distribution, I’d really appreciate some help with testing the latest version - that it still builds and that the built game runs correctly. You can grab it from here:

To target this version with build_apps you also need to add these lines to requirements.txt:


You may need to clear the build/__whl_cache__ directory so that it redownloads the wheels - and please verify that it’s downloading the 1.10.14.dev117 wheels by looking at the console output.

I would like help testing with both older versions of Python as well as Python 3.12, whichever you’re able to do. Please report any issues - of course, also any issues you encounter outside build_apps. Thanks a lot!