help me please!!!!

I am new to coding. I downloaded panda for the windows server. I was looking and followin the instructions on the first page of the manual and once i tried to open my script using a command prompt all it said was “The system can not find the path specified”. I have tried to do this so any times and i know by now that it isnt because i missed typed something. Can someone please give me some help. Is there anyhting else i need to dwnload besides Panda3D and PyPe?

Your problem has nothing to do with Python or Panda. Your problem is that you are (for some reason, I don’t quite know) supplying a path to a folder to the Windows command prompt that does not exist.

Try typing this in:


You’ll get the same error. Because the ARGHBLARGH folder does not exist in your C drive. You are supplying a path to a folder that does not exist.

You probably mispelled your path directory. I have no idea why you need to supply a path to any folder though. I don’t see anything in the Installing_Panda_in_Windows page that would require you to type a path into the command prompt.

Go to the panda manual and click on section D. Now read and follow the instructions to see if it wokrs for you. Because when i tried to change the directory using a cmd prompt like it said it wouldnt let me.

Does your program directory have spaces in the folder name? If it does this might be the cause of the problem, to access directories with spaces in it try enclosing the directory path with quotation marks like so:

cd “C:\my game folder”

Another handy thing with the command prompt is that it tries to autocomplete directory paths if you press the tab key while typing out a path.

The problem was is that i wasnt using the “tab” button like i should’ve been. Instead i was readin what the guy told me to put in and the path diretory had an incorrect path.Once i used the “tab” button everything runs properly.