help me check what are these packpanda errors

after it stopped… i tried the installation file (.exe). when i run the program the dos prompt out with “starting game…” and then it dissappears and nothing happened.

thanks for the help(in advance).

With packpanda is nothing wrong. These warnings are normal.

About your game not running, the problem is probably that there is a bug in your program. Probably the script - or one of the .egg’s - is pointing to a relative (mode/texture) path that doesn’t exist.

Hmmm…Im not sure about that…I got the same warnings and I cant run my game either and my egg/model paths are correct?

One thing you might want to try is running your game directly.

If you dig into the install folder (i.e. the folder created by the installer), you should be able to find a .pyc file that corresponds to your game’s main code file. Open a command window and run the pyc file using

ppython -i myfile.pyc

This ought to work correctly; if it doesn’t, there was something wrong with your original program (or your model or texture paths have gotten misplaced).


Weird, I’ll try redoing the packpanda but the installer does not create a .pyc file corresponding to my game…the only .pyc files are called Main.pyc in the created python directory under Site Packages…_spe…

It does create or duplicate my .py main code files.

P.S. I renamed my main game code like the manual demonstrates…could this be an issue conflicting with the SPE main.pyc file?
Thanks for the reply earlier

If you want to make a .pyc out of your .py file, the easiest way to do is:
ppython -i
then, type:
import yourfile (without .py)
Importing a .py file will automatically generate a .pyc file.
Or you could do it using the py_compile module.